Health & Safety

Health and safety has always been the number one priority of Step Media Ltd. and it is our core value. It was never an easy task to ensure safety for all the employees and contractors' employees of Step Media Ltd. However, with determination, hard work and the engagement of everyone, from top management to the grass root level, Step Media Ltd. has made it possible. The Company's success in ensuring a safe work environment in the Plant, and Mine as well as in office areas is a demonstration of good safety behavior.

The importance of safety is ensured right from the top management of Step Media Ltd. Everyone in the Company is giving their utmost importance to ensure that there is no accident. We try our best to avoid even a minor injury. All the basics of safety policy are mandatory for each and every person working or being associated with the Company. Personal Protective Equipments (PPE), holding hand rails, good and tidy housekeeping, not going for the shortcuts etc. have been declared as compulsory for every person working with Step Media Ltd

Management of Step Media Ltd. communicated frequently with the employees to make them understand the value of safety. A number of training were organized last year to ensure no one lags behind on safety rules. Sessions with the contractors were arranged to engage them in safety policy of Step Media Ltd.

The ultimate goal of the Company is to be the champion in the field of safety. Action plans have been defined for all the sites of the Company to continue the improvement in the field of safety. These plans are constructed in line with world class standards, advisories and priorities in such a way so that a unique visible change can be achieved to make the business unit as the best one. We are committed to give our best to make the best possible healthy and safe work environment in Step Media Ltd. for the employees and contractors.

Recycling programs

All by-products of our pre-press operation are subject to a recycling schedule. Film ends, all plastics and paper/cardboard waste are removed from the premises and become part of recognized recycling programs.

Mechanical items replaced in our digital equipment are returned to the manufacturer for refurbishment and ultimate re-use.